The composition of the Local Governing Body can be varied to best suit the needs of the individual academy, for example to reflect its religious ethos or specific stakeholder groups.

A typical community academy’s Local Governing Body will have the following members:

  • The Executive Principal;
  • The Head of School (or equivalent);
  • 2 parents;
  • 1 staff member;
  • Up to 8 members appointed by the Local Governing Body; and
  • Such other members as the Directors decide.

It is responsible for:

  • Setting the aims and objectives of the Academy;
  • Provides challenge and support for the leadership team of the academy to ensure standards are high and the ethos and vision of the school is implemented successfully.
  • Determination of the educational vision of the Academy in consultation with the Directors, including, but without limitation, determination of the Academy’s development plan;
  • Determination and implementation of the admissions policy in consultation with the Directors for the Academy in accordance with admissions law and Department for Education codes of practice;